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How to select a painting for living room?

A home is a place where you go to rest, spend quality time with your family, entertain your guests, do your work, explore yourself, and many more. And every home has a living room, in that specific space, it must have a warm, relaxing, and welcoming environment. Beautiful and elegant paintings can really do wonders for your space. Choosing a good painting for the living room can really compliment the style, theme, color and enhance the aesthetic appeal. 

Ultimately, the only reason to buy beautiful wall art for the living room is that it should be well harmonized with the decor it is surrounded with.

An artwork represents a mirror to an individual’s personality. Today you will learn some tips on how you can select a living room painting that is according to your environment you are living in. 

Let’s get started.

How can you choose the perfect wall art

Since a beautiful wall art draws attention to your space and creates a welcoming environment. Though there is a lot of hassle in going through finding the right artwork, finding space in your room, and going through installation but in the end it all worth the trouble as it adds a certain personality to your house. Since there are no hard and fast rules for selecting any specific painting as the options are limitless.

Selecting a painting based on style and theme

It is only logical to select a living room painting that goes along with the theme and style you have set in your living room. For example, if your living room has a vintage look it might have an antique touch to it. In that case, choosing a traditional style painting or a heritage painting will be perfectly wise. Another example can be an ethnically styled living room, which means ethnic theme-based paintings or a culture-based painting like something related to Mughal culture or Radha Krishna Paintings are well suited for that environment.

For a room with simple and subtle furniture, abstract paintings would make more sense to the decor. A painting with a realistic theme will look great in a minimalistic room. Also, keep the style and theme of the living room interior in mind before buying a living room painting. It will make sure that the painting does not look out of place.

Selecting a painting based on the color of the room

Choosing artwork for the living room that perfectly harmonizes with the colors of the environment is essential. The living room space must have warmer tones and welcoming colors. Keep in mind that the painting that you are selecting should also blend well with the tones of the wall colors of the living room space. Also, an artwork with deeper and bolder colors will look more inviting and attractive in a living room. The color scheme of the living room for enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the living space. A painting with bright and vivid colors will add a welcoming look to your space. These types of choices can go better with a minimalistic lifestyle.

Choosing a painting according to size

A handmade canvas painting for the living room with the right size is a bit of work at first. This includes certain aspects like proper space optimization, the painting should match the size of the wall. It is also necessary to decide beforehand, on which wall, the painting will look best in the living room.

Take a good look around your living room space and measure it before buying any wall art for the living room. Owning an oversized painting will look odd in the living room. Also, hanging several paintings on a wall will just cram up a single wall with paintings. A vertical wall with a narrow space can be filled with a slim and vertical painting. And for a stretched horizontal wall, that space can be filled with a single horizontal painting or a number of paintings kept apart at an optimum distance.

Choosing a living room painting according to visual balance

Feeling that visual balance in a living room is not only expected but also a necessity. Without it, any living room will just feel uncomfortable and off-balanced to the person in the room. Any beautiful living room wall art should have the right scale and must ensure that the visual balance of the room is maintained in the space. An art containing repeating colors with the living room walls will give a more visually balanced look to the room. 

Similarly, placement of the painting is equally important. A large size painting on a wall, will not only give a focal point to the living room but also encourage the visual balance of the room.

These were few suggestions on how you can select your ideal living room painting. And here are few categories on that will definitely help you boil down your selection on a few of the elegant living room paintings. Keep in mind that we have segregated these paintings according to categories and showcased only the best.


Fantasy Art

This genre depicts the vivid imagination of the artist. It covers a broad spectrum of abstract fantasy art and among them, we have selected only two paintings that will fit perfectly with your living room space.

Lover of the wind

This fantasy painting for the living room shows the love of Radha Krishna which is sacred and renowned in the whole world. Love is something that can only be felt but cannot be expressed in words. A person who admires the concept behind the painting can consider it to be a  perfect gift to someone special or buy to spruce up your living room.

Lover of the wind


Depiction of light

This is a form of light painting that uses different photographic techniques on the moving light source. This form of painting is appealing to some people because of the illuminations that fall on the object from different angles. It follows a dark pattern that will go perfectly if you have dark or a very bright attire in the living room space.

Depiction of light

Religion and Spirituality 

Religion and spiritual paintings are ones that show the flawless craftsmanship of our artists. He tried to capture all the spiritual aspects of nature, god, and every possible detail that you will find. You will feel a certain peace in our religious and spiritual paintings. Two of our best choices are.

Angel Elephant

This living room fantasy artwork depicts the crucial role of being a mother. She nurtures her children and prepares them for the outside world. She teaches her child to have confidence and believe in themselves. There is a lot that goes into the life of a mother. The vibrant colors that have been used in angel elephant painting used will go perfectly with any living room decor.

Angel Elephant

Knowledge is power

This is a spiritual painting that sends a message of seeking knowledge for attaining higher intelligence. The ones who value knowledge over everything, are the ones in powerful positions. It is a true treasure that cannot be stolen but can only be shared with the one you cherish. The calm and soothing colors of the painting will go well in your living room space.

Knowledge is power


Animal art paintings have also been a core part of numerous cultures. This category might be of unique taste. And we have a wonderful collection on our website and is appealing to most eyes.

Beauty darling

Though this is a simple animal painting it is showing that it is the true companion of a person. It is your beautiful darling that will stay loyal to you at the end of its life. This puppy painting can be a token of love for your beloved pet and will look good in your living room.

Beauty Darling

The beauty of masculinity

A rooster has a certain masculine touch to itself. Being the guardian of the flock, he is on a constant watch for a predator both from the sky or from the land. If you are a person who wants to give subtle masculine prowess to your living room surroundings, maybe this animal artwork is for you.

The beauty of masculinity


Our dance paintings show the intensity of expressions that can be only felt by the viewer and feel delighted. Our artists have captured that skillful choreography and try to depict that in the dance art painting. It aims to establish a strong connection between the spectator and the painting, both of them coexist simultaneously. The aesthetics are pleasing and show the straightforward labor of our artists.

Colors of joy

Every color in this dance painting has a meaning attached to it. The orange represents a playful and energetic feeling. Yellow represents happy, friendly, and warm emotions. Blue represents serene, inviting, and trustworthy emotion. The mixture of these colors creates a wonderful cocktail of sentiments and it will reverberate across your living room.

Colors of Joy


This dance painting is called devadhai, the angel who is moving through several transcendent levels, giving out several emotions like sadness, joy, and anger at the same time. Recognizing these emotions just looking at something is very rare and to capture that very same emotion on canvas is even rarer. This beautiful living room painting will be a  perfect addition to your living room space.



Though there is a lot of pondering while selecting a painting in terms of taste, message, colors, home decor, and several other aspects. In the end, it’s totally worth it when it adds a great value to your environment.

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