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Artist Portfolio

A versatile artist of this decade, Chandrasekar was born in the city of Temple, Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India. His true Passion about his art helped him to get a Master of Fine Arts. He was awarded Best outgoing student from the Ministry of Art & Culture. His exploration into art is really commendable, his attention to details in all his paintings and Sculptures  are seen through. His paintings are a combination of mother nature and modern paintings. With 23 years of experience in painting & Sculpturing, he mainly uses Abstract painting, realism painting , Modern yet traditional painting & sculpturing  . His abstract art is intricate, vibrant & colorful. His notable works as an artist both in painting & sculpture has a separate fan base and is recognized internationally. 

Kalinga Nardhana : Depicts a story of lord Krishna dancing on Snake during his Childhood

Kalinga Nardhana



Indian Folk Women: 

Flood of Mercy:

Folk Beauty – Ancient Feminism 


Color of dance-Indian Tradition Aesthetic: Group of ladies enjoying the traditional dance

Rooster Fight depicted through Sculpture:

Words from Artist:

“ My childhood imagination about Rooster Fights through Sculpture. I felt that the vanishing gallantry art of Cock (Rooster) Fighting needed to be fixed as a monument which shall not be destroyed by time. The Color, Walk, crackling and the body language expressed by the fighters are sensed through the body language , where they emerge as heroes”. 

Sculptor Chandrasekar M


Mumbai Art Fair 2018 October, Mumbai

International Art Fair 2018 October Jaipur

International Kala Mela 2018 Feb at New Delhi

Life of Art Solo Show 2006 Sep-Loyola College Chennai

Duty of Life Solo Show 2006 Feb- at Inbavanam, Madurai

I am the Galaxy-Solo Show 2005 Dec at Inbavanam, Madurai

Great Love – Solo Show – 2004 Oct- at Inbavanam, Madurai

Black Hole – Solo Show – 2004 Oct - at Inbhavanam, Madurai

Important Than Knowledge – Solo Show-2004 Oct at Inbhavanam, Madurai

Group Show-2004 Sep – At college of Fine Art, Kumbakonam

Upcoming Show: (Coming soon) 

Nothing but Life