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Cookies Policy

What are cookies?

It is a small text file that is stored on the computer or on a mobile device or certain types of content that are rich in ineffective keywords. It enables you to provide relevant information as you interact with the website. We use the following types of cookies according to our requirements.

Needed Cookies - Required for our website to function properly

Performance Cookies - These type of cookies track your web page visits, how frequently you visit and how the individual interacts on the website

Targeting cookies - It basically remembers the behavior of the individual. It remembers your IP address, type of device used (computer or mobile), pathway on how you interacted on the website, date, and time you browsed, address of referring website, the path to social media, and several other behavioral patterns. It will enable us to run a targeted advertisement that suits your likings.ย ย 

Functional cookies - It mainly increases the base functionality of your website. For instance, it will enable you to watch a video on the website itself.

How long are the cookies stored in the computer?

It depends on the type of cookies

Persistent cookies - These are the type of cookies that don't expire even after you close your system browser. They remember essential information and settings that can be used later in your future visits. It saves data like language preferences.ย ย 

Session cookies - These are the type of cookies that expire as soon as you close your browser. Session cookies only remember the information and settings of your browser or the device which were used during your visit. For instance, it saves data like the items in your shopping cart.ย 

A brief about how we use cookiesย 

Like any other eCommerce website, we use cookie technology and any other possible technologies that can collect information and enhance the user experience by upgrading the functionality of our website.

Cookies are bits of information that are stored in your computer or any device by the web browser you are browsing. The information that it collects is the bits of information related to your IP address, browser name, account name on the browser, etc. The purpose of this is to create a more personalized user experience.

If you want to disable cookies you can disable them from the website and prevent the browser from accepting any cookies. You can disable or delete similar data with the help of browser add-ons like flash cookies,ย  by changing the add-on settings or visiting the website of the respective manufacturer.

However with the help of cookies, you can take advantage of some features that are offered by the website, so we would recommend you to leave them on. For example, if you disable your cookies on your browser, you won't be able to get the feature of directly adding the product to your shopping cart and directly check-out from there. Also keep in mind that if you have not made any changes to your computer, it means that your system is already accepting cookies.

We also use third-party services providers to show you ads on our behalf across the internet and sometimes on our online services. These third-party service providers or we can collect information about your visits to make sure you see the appropriate advertisement for the specific goods and services.