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Vamana Avatar

  • Simple and sober picture 
  • Digital print on high-quality paper
  • High quality wooden and  synthetic frames 
  • The high-quality picture at an affordable price

About the Artwork

This is a Hindu god painting that carries significant importance in the Indian religion. This Hindu deity is the 5th incarnation of God Vishnu, often referred to as “Trivikarma” or the god of three strides. This name was given when Lord Vamana increased his size so large that he covered the whole earth in one step, heaven with another, and covered the space between them in the third step.  He is mentioned in the history and Puranas, being the legend of taking the three worlds. If you are fascinated by this story or admire good artwork, this is the one for you.

If you are a fan of collecting incarnation paintings, we also offer Vamana Avatar handmade painting which is unique and in an original form that will be delivered straight from the artist’s studio.

At we offer paintings in three sizes i.e. small, medium, and large. The small picture is in A4 size and gradually increases from there. Also, we offer paintings in three variants which are in digital print on canvas, digital print on paper, and handmade original artwork itself. 

The handmade original painting will be unique and upon ordering, you will also get a certification of authentication with it. The customer has an option to order the artwork either in a framed form or in a roll form. 

The customer also has the option to select from the extended warranty section, which is only applicable to a few variants as mentioned by Rookings.